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James went to Glens Falls to be by Orpha's side during her tonsillectomy, which was Monday. He left at 1 A.M. Wednesday.

Postmarked Thursday 8.12.26, from James in Lynbrook NY

Thursday noon.

Arrived yesterday morning just in time to interview a man, give the cement men more forms, and get cellar windows, as Pop had gone away anyway, because he had to.

The foundation is about all in; the work has gone very well this week. All we need to worry about now is money – everything together is costing us about $200 a day, and there is nothing coming in. Something will break pretty soon – either towards or against us.

Yesterday morning I went to Tiffany’s; they don’t keep size records, so you’ll have to let me know your size. You’d better go to a jeweler’s and get the exact size fitting you will want, and let me know within a week or ten days, so there will be ample time.

All we need to worry about now is money

These next four weeks will be the essence of work, business, planning, and trying to get a hold of about 30 or 40 thousand dollars to get this family back on an even keel.

It is time now to go back on the job.

I hope there is by now only pretty painful swallowing, and that by when you get his it will be only quite painful.

The gas engine that turns the cement mixer is booming…




Tiffany's: He purchased her diamond ring in February -- $170 at Tiffany's. (The receipt was lovingly saved.) He refers to the wedding ring here.


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