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Postmarked Friday 7.30.26, from Orpha in Glens Falls NY

There is no song more exquisitely perfect than the one you have sung to me no life greater than that which we shall seek no union more consecrated, no wish more noble, no being, existence, more holy than ours shall be.

You have lifted me far above the commonplace a thousand times since we have known, since you have shown me, I have seemed poised in tree tops near clouds where all is full and abundant and clear and fresh, where sordidness has dropped away and my oneness with you has been my strength, endowed me with power to endure all.

To each word and thought, to each unseen look, I have breathed, throbbed, a response. You have seemed all everywhere deep azure of heaven has pierced me sunlight warmed me all vibrate you, you, I hear you, see you, feel you, inseparable from all that is great and good and beautiful.

s the love of Pygmalion immortalizes the clay that Galatea has been so our relationship has become a thing not of this clay-like living, but sublimated, a Being sublimated by the Spark which burns forever in us both the Spark of the same great consuming Flame; so you have become to me beyond the form any life could outwardly take a divinity, an essence of what is unspeakable, indescribable, because it is Itself the epitome, the Being of the receding star that men pursue, the vanishing ideal that all humankind long for

You have lifted me far above the commonplace

For, to you I turn almost as I have to God before I knew you how God and you seem one, in almost every way save this God is our final destiny at the end He will be our perfect finding of all that we are seeking now

James, James and I




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