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Online movie resources

I hate losing track of the neat little movies I find here and there, but they seem awfully hard to pin down. So here I am, making a list, starting with the general sites.

iFilm. A treasure chest -- or pandora's box, I don't know. Once in a while, there is something good. They try to have all the "classics" in their viral vault -- they movies people e-mail to each other at work. Lots of ads.

AtomFilms. Ditto. Maybe not so many ads.

Yahoo Movie Guide. I just discovered this one. It appears not to "possess" the movies as the above do, but direct you to the site. They actually have a working url to the famous "Xiao Xiao," a neat little Flash movie with stick figures.

120Seconds. A site produced by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation. Smooth sensuous Flash interface.

  • "Robert" by Michael Undem. A personal cult classic. Robert drools over the prospect of candy as only an addict can. Go to Giggles>More Giggles and scroll down till you find this tiny gem.
  • "Plickey and Muto" series by Edgar Beals. Minimalist backgrounds with character movement to die for, with sweet sound effects. Also listed under More Giggles.
  • "Mortadella TV" series by Theodore Ushev. Simple animations, slowly revealing the big picture. Waterpaints and woodcuts, grey, white, red. I especially like episode 4, which has a Japanese feel. Listed under Experiments.
  • "Don't Mention Love," under Experiments is an intriguing form for a memory piece, even if you do have to figure out the interactive parts.

Hypnotic. Gotta register, but looks interesting so far (discovered 5.8.02)

  • "Women" by Charlene Shih: lovely water color journey of coming of age.

The Dreamspan Network. Original content. "Roof Sex" is very edgy.

Ze's Page. A personal page, more interactive than video but tons of neat little treats.

Sputnik7. Movies are gritty and dark, interesting techniques.

  • "Counterfeit Film" by Brett Simon. Internet Film Community. Looks interesting. I've just started to explore.

Moment Factory. Experimental movies featuring mostly music and layered images. Technically intriguing. Each is structured the same way: the large background image augments the small Quicktime movie.

the sync "video for the next generation"

Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival: see finalists short films.

Eggwork.  Small production company making good.

Sundance Online Films. Whose getting recognition.

Google Directory: Arts>Movies>Multimedia>Video>Short Films


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