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Mad in Pursuit: Lakeside Encounter

Water is a universal symbol for the unconscious and it is on the water's edge where adventure begins.

The Iroquois have a legend about an arrogant young woman who rejected all her suitors. How ordinary they were. She was holding out for someone special and, of course, one day someone special came along. 

But we all know that the really special guys have their dark side. The Iroquois maiden caught that whiff of danger, felt that tingle of fear, but went off with him anyway.

In some stories -- Beauty and the Beast -- the beast turns out to be a noble sweetheart trapped in the body of a brute. Not so in this story. Our maiden may be satisfied by night, but by day she discovers that her lover turns into a serpent and goes off with his evil serpent brothers.  What can she do?

A little old man comes by one day to confirm that she is living within a nest of very bad creatures. And suddenly she is waking up -- emerging from -- the water.

The Mad in Pursuit version of the myth takes place on the shore of a lake in remote Ontario, Canada. Maria knows what she wants and has the nerve to go after it. Will she be rescued in time? Cable Connection | 56K Connection | 28.8 Connection

Frames from the Lakeside Encounter

Filmed at Christie Lake (Ontario, Canada), as part of our Babes in Boyland adventures.


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