On Being Fierce, Part 4: Opening Shop

DSC04866Selling the Civil War cover collection was a boost. Did we have other moribund collections we could liberate for cash? This thought process reminded me that (1) collectibles are not necessarily very liquid. A stash of cash is for a rainy day; collections are for some misty season down the road when the gods decide it’s the right time, right place… after the collector has totally lost touch with the market. (2) A collector is usually not a savvy investor. A true collector buys for love. In general he buys retail (from a dealer), but must sell wholesale (back to a dealer)–not a good investing formula–unless the collection is decades or centuries old… or the collector hits a bubble. (3) Yes, like stocks, collectibles enjoy bubbles and suffer busts. In the eighties, it was all about classical Japanese prints and painting. Now the market snubs Japanese and scrambles after Chinese. With this in mind, let’s return to my saga… [Continued here>>>]

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