Saturday in Pultneyville NY

Pultneyville NY 7/16/2011

Went to the annual Pultneyville Antiques Fair yesterday. Scorcher. Even though it was an afternoon for icy cold watermelon, against all good sense and our vow to avoid sweet crap, we bought and devoured a funnel cake, spilling confectioner’s sugar all over our guilty selves. We then walked around in a sugar daze, wondering where we parked the car.

Wicked fun.


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One Response to Saturday in Pultneyville NY

  1. Patmdrum says:

    Wicked fun sounds like a good book title :-). In the car — S Carolina– crusin’!! So proud of ourselves & anxious to get home. Cant I just print out “The ? Book” with illustrations? Lesley wonders if u r scared to ask her again. Look how we all want to b involved with such a FUN Great Dame like you.

    Will b at hunt club tonight & tomorrow.. I will b in touch fom there.

    Xxxx. Pat

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