Testing illustrations

I'm outta here!

I had rejected the idea that my next novel would have illustrations, but now that I’ve poured the text into the publishing software (Indesign), the blank spaces between my short little chapters cry out for something. Little bead-headed Dash (of Dot & Dash fame) pushed her way to the front of the line at the auditions and promised to wear a skirt if I let her play the part of Mary.

damn fake pearlsThe book is supposed to be funny… well, funny-ish. It also jumps around in time and place in ridiculous ways and jumbles together history and imagination. And it cobbles together years of my attempts to tell a good story.

I guess I could also cobble together years of my attempts to draw a good cartoon. Um, no. I’ve arrived at the “bead-head” characters, who are expressive, can be drawn fast and don’t demand color. We’ll see how this experiment goes.



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3 Responses to Testing illustrations

  1. Kath says:

    I LOVE all of your cartoons and illustrations. This could be a great gift item at the chic little boutiques around the holidays. It will be on everyone’s must OWN list!

  2. Patmdrum says:

    OH yeah!!! Pictures to help me see–that’s for me!!!!

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