Techno Madness

Passion is good. Obsession can push you over the edge into greatness because you are willing to put in 10,000 hours of practice. But occasionally obsession means just getting stuck — jumping up and down in one place or spinning in a circle for those 10,000 hours. Not actually moving forward. So that’s me this week.

Some days I think I must be the only 62-year-old techno/gadget enthusiast who has to draw workflow diagrams to get through a mental roadblock. I just can’t do “happy go lucky.” Why the heck is that?

It started with my renewed commitment to Adobe products as my main set of creative tools… resulting in new Win 7 64-bit desktop computer (“Leo”) with upgrade to Adobe Master Collection 5.5. So far so good.

This led to my installing Adobe Lightroom 3 on my travel computer, a MacBook Air (“Chickadee”). Long story short, between iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, and various mishandled iPad/iPhone upgrades, my Air hard-drive was peppered with all kinds of duplicate and triplicate photograph. Chaos makes me anxious. “Willy-nilly” makes me feel like a swarm of cockroaches has invaded my bedroom.

I could just delete everything and start over. Not like I don’t have 3 back-ups. But recently I’ve been on an iPhone photography kick. Shouldn’t I be copying those from Chickadee to Leo?????!!! God forbid the Catholic Chickadee speak directly with the Universalist Leo. So… I’m using cloud-based Dropbox as an ecumenical go-between. I’m down to seriously reading the manuals — back to the learning curve when I thought I was cruising in the comfort zone. Blah.

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