Ghost House in Ireland

Ghosts invite us to tea. Valencia, Ireland. 2007

They say that capturing a “moment” is what photography is all about. Occasionally I manage to do that. Down a rocky road on the far west coast of Ireland, Jim and I came upon a ghost house (below). We were in Valencia, 2007.

Valencia, Ireland. 2007. Ghost house.

Naturally, Jim wanted to trespass. To our amazement the table seemed set for tea. A breeze blew at the ragged lace curtains. And the broken floorboards groaned beneath our feet. We were spooked. Or I should say I was spooked, since Jim was prepared to climb the fragile stairway into the attic till I dragged him out.

In the process, we got a few snapshots. Mine at the top here captured the moment well. Jim’s snap of the exterior was gorgeous too (except for his finger in the lower left).


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