Daguerreotype Gallery

I’m continuing to work on our photo collection, currently trying to get an inventory of our most prized little cased photos: tintypes, daguerreotypes, and ambrotypes. It’s an intricate process: digitize the image; tweak it on Photoshop for accuracy and clarity; tag the subject matter; enter the data on a spreadsheet; find out if there is a matching purchase receipt in Jim’s mountainous “receipt collection.” Cased photos are complicated by the fact that often the cases are more valuable than the photos. So, if one is in a collectible early thermoplastic case, I have to look that up too and include it in my spreadsheet.

Pretending that I’m the Smithsonian, I enjoy uploading the images to cosmorochester collects at Flickr, to share them with the world. Last month, I posted the Civil War faces. Today, I’m featuring daguerreotypes. (Slide show below — watch them giant-sized here.) Nearly all these people are unidentified, so all that remains of them are their images.

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  1. Interesting faces. Also the womens’ hairdos were very different on some of the photos.

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