Dot + Dash 07

Okay, if I can’t be a genius, I’d like one looking over my shoulder giving me a few tips about how to make my drawing pop. I did some experimenting with color and with pale gray backgrounds, but — nah. Maybe I need to experiment with brushes or charcoal to Dash a little more body.

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  1. Ahhh… you must befriend my son-in-law. He is brilliant at graphic design.

  2. Have a look at this.:

    I think it’s a great quality stick-figure comic. Of course, one of the reasons I like it is the use of color…but still, you might learn something useful. The drawing has definitely improved over time (just take a look at the earlier ones and you’ll see.)

  3. Thanks, @Rose, I did. Thanks, @Tracy, I’ve been especially looking at stick-figure comics. The color is great. At the moment I am seduced by the siren song of B&W, but I could have Dot & Dash burst into a colorful Oz at any moment (my magic markers are crying out).

  4. Demian says:

    Ah – I’ve been waiting for this in flickr! For me, these do pop. I think I prefer the more contrasty solid black of earlier episodes to this slightly greyer tone you have here but I wouldn’t mention it at all but for the discussion. I have always preferred black & white comics so these work for me as they are. On my own stalled GoG#96 comic, my last experiments were a watercolour/gouache greyscale for the everyday stuff & then colours in the astral projection bits but I never got beyond testing it out. Anyway, all that aside, these are magical & (not that I’m in any position to advise you) I would counsel you to keep on doing what you’re doing because it works.

    • madinpursuit says:

      Demian, thank you, thank you for your comments! Just the kind of extra set of eyes I need. It’s great to experiment — good luck with yours!

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