Civil War Soldiers Slideshow

I finally finished my inventory of 59 Civil War soldiers (actually 58 + Harriet Beecher Stowe)… and their cases. I uploaded them to Flickr to share them with other fans of this collecting hobby. Below is a slideshow, also available in full-screen size at Flickr (pretty dramatic).

These were photographed with a Canon EOS Rebel XS on a tripod. They were brightened up in Photoshop, as needed, for the purposes of sharing. You can kind of tell how much brightening by how blown the highlights are in the preserver.

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3 Responses to Civil War Soldiers Slideshow

  1. Eric Zimmer says:

    A vast and amazing collection. Do you plan to sell soon? Auction? Keep?

  2. Eric, I think we’ll enjoy these for the time being. Still trying to sell some of the “underbrush.” AND we have dozens of non-military tin/ambro/dags to pour over and organize. Very interesting.

  3. LOVE CW history!! This is fabulous, Susan!! [But then, I’ve never known your work to be anything less than fabulous so…YAY!]
    Thank you. ♥

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