In Case You Were Wondering

Sky-high view of roots of Christianity and alt-Christianity (click on diagram to see it enlarged). Interesting that Ireland is distinguished from the rest of Europe as retaining more of the ancient goddess culture (women in charge of the earth, with men as their consorts and guardians) — once upon a time, at least.

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  1. Why it takes me so long to read anything… I wind up taking notes. But it’s sort of a placid alternative to obsessing over politics and war. Like I have nothing else to do…

  2. I guess the strong women in our family come from these roots!?!

  3. @Anne, I suspect you’re right! I’ve read that Irish families are more matriarchal than Italians, Germans, etc. — and that does play out visibly among our strong women. 😀

  4. Susan, viewed your blog yesterday. After seeing a cable movie the night before in reference to Christianity during the Hellenistic era in Alexandria, libraries and ancient documents as well as statues were being destroyed in the name of God by the Christians. Evidently over God’s creation vs Man’s desires to learn of the movements of the Earth, Sun, Stars and other planets. However, it was a woman who was leading the doctrine. According to the Christians during that time period their excuse for murdering this woman was because Jesus had 12 disciples and not one of them was a woman. It was very interesting. Looking at the diagram above brought this back to me and wanted to share. Discovering that Ireland retained knowledge of woman being more earthbound than men at one-time makes be proud to be a woman of Irish descent.

  5. Sorry, typo. Makes me proud to be a woman of Irish desent.

    Again, enjoy your blog.

    Debbie Holton Price

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