Daytona and Miami Slides

I posted my roadtrip slides-to-video on Facebook — not only because that’s where most of my friends are anyway, but also because I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video here.

You can also see it at the MobileMe site.

I’m learning the iLife ’11 application suite on my Macbook and struggling with needing to be in both the Windows and Mac worlds.

iPhoto makes it easy to assemble a sweet little movie of photos, complete with soundtrack from my iTunes library. And it’s simple to upload it to their MobileMe gallery and to Facebook. But… you can’t easily embed a MobileMe movie in a blog the way you can a YouTube video, which is crazy. (Maybe there’s a trick I don’t know yet.)

I’m comparing the Apple world with the Windows world. Would I ever want to convert completely from one religion to the other? Apple is Catholic (no need to look behind the curtain, we have it all figured out for you); Windows is Unitarian (pieces of this and that, a buffet table of choices, not much dogma). Or maybe it’s the other way around: Windows abounds in Mystery; Apple has no use for theologians — though Steve Jobs, it could be said, is Pope.

That nonsense aside, while I can see the delights of the Apple software, I have spent a decade studiously learning the intricacies of the Adobe Master Suite (photo, drawing, web, video, motion, publishing) on Windows… definitely up to high priestess status. Yes, I know I could get the Master Suite on a Mac — for a mere $2600 — but then, what would be the point if I wind up with exactly the same functionality?

Anyway, having fun…

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