Miami Beach, Florida: Exploring

We got to the beach this morning (though we didn’t stick around long) and ogled the beautiful Art Deco architecture down here on South Beach. Then we drove 10 miles (or more like 15, if you count driving in circles) to the Palacio de los Jugos (Juice Palace) for our “authentic cuban food” experience. It was definitely a cultural blast — my nearly-vegetarian soul quaking at the sight of all that meat and my soggy-Spanish mind grasping for the difference between chincharron, camaron, chorizo, etc. We did finally get a humongous chorizo (spicy sausage) sandwich and some pastries (though one of the pastries turned out to be filled with meat).

(I have photos but the media uploader in WordPress is grayed out — puzzled. Is it this new MacBook or some other glitch? Update: I pasted the one below… not an elegant solution.)



Got off to a tired start this morning… a restless, sleepless night with strange noises, then an astonishingly horrible nightmare — truly apocalyptic, with tornadoes and bloody mayhem, one of those extra-vivid dreams that make you wonder what the hell happened at this spot at some point in the past. Or was it simply those killer mojitos* I drank? Even after I woke up, I was hallucinating little red eyes blinking at me. Whew.

*Mom, mojitos are a rum and lime drink, made with lots of fresh mint.



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  1. or the spicy cuban food. And all that meat! We did have some very stormy weather around midnight. Haven’t checked the news yet to see if there was any damage, none around here.
    Sounds like you’re having a great trip. Hope you can figure out how to post your pictures.

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