Miami Beach, Florida: Sudden Switch to Cuban America

Here I am, after two mojitos, thinking I will write about the WONDERFUL time we had WAY back in Daytona-Ponce Inlet.

I can hardly capture great time we had with Pat and Joe: Joe and Jim bonding over flea markets and gun shops; Pat and I bonding over our family history hobbies, our tech love, and our mythology/religion interests (intense). Philosophers all.

So we bombed down I-95 today, with a brief detour to US 1 around Fort Pierce. Fugeddaboudit… not in the mood to see every McDonalds and [whatever] along the old commercial corridor… so, back to the interstate. It was hair-raising entering Miami. I made a wrong turn and we had to thread our way back through spaghetti to I-95 (lovin’ our GPS).

We arrived at the Riviera Suites Hotel about 5 and I gladly handed over my keys to the valet parking (it’s only money). We have a darling little suite with a “full” kitchen (think mini). Home sweet home.

Then we walked many blocks… Bella Cuba restaurant. I had two mojitos and relaxed into my Latino mode. I’m going to love it here!

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