For Zimmer Fans & Cat Lovers Only: Exclusive!

JZ at about 13 & images from his story

We found a short story that Jim wrote and illustrated when he was about 13 — 1945. The Story of Gink is about a housecat named Gink who runs off to join the Catnip Navy with his alley cat friend Hot Stuff. They sign on to the good ship Hepcat.

When I saw the sailor uniforms, I figured the story would be about World War II. But no, Jim’s cats went to Argentina.

The story made me laugh and touched me too. Of course it’s a funny reflection of its author. But it’s also a tender tale relevant to all barely adolescent boy “house cats” envisioning what it means to become a man. The Story of Gink>>>

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  1. I loved the story, Susan. The drawings were very good too. It gives you insight into your husband that you never had, I bet. It was definitely the start of his illustrious career.

  2. Thanks, @Anne (on behalf of Jim). It is interesting to see the beginnings of an interesting character under formation. Interesting how that forms so young… and the rest is [reaching for a metaphor] icing on the cake?

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