Indexing Myself: Religious Themes

Maybe one of the problems with having an online journal for 11 years is that I’m aware when I begin repeating myself. This week I thought I’d done some great thinking about the Holy Trinity (challenging myself on Christianity again), then (barely) remembered I’d already done this, with the same clever conclusion. Then I thought I’d share the six characteristics of ancient Celts that made them fierce Christians, but something rung a bell and… oh, I’d already written that up (though I might choose now to give my own spin to those traits).

Maybe the lack of awareness is when I should start worrying, but then — how will I know — and will I care?

Anyway, rehashing the same stuff annoys me. A couple years ago I started to make a contents page for this spiritual pilgrimage I find myself on in the 21st century (“Beyond Me”). So I decided this morning to get it done. I’m only up to mid-2007, but it’s interesting to see my “pilgrim’s progress.” I’m still more of a humanist than a theist, but definitely no longer the casual atheist I was during my busy working life.

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2 Responses to Indexing Myself: Religious Themes

  1. David Tilley says:

    Great. A new phrase “Go index yourself!”

  2. And a very helpful admonition that might be! 😀

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