Zombies Ate My Brains

Mansfield, Ohio. Long day’s drive, but now vegging out at La Quinta
after an Appleby’s snack. I went to St. Louis with my usual backlog of
New Yorkers and Kindle books to read and deep thoughts to think. But
of course the days and nights were spent eating, drinking, and
conversating. In quiet moments I learned to play Plants vs Zombies and
Angry Birds on my iPad. My only regret is starting out today’s
450-mile drive with a hangover (too many pints of Harp’s at McGurk’s
yesterday) — not recommended. I’m just having a wee dram of red wine
tonite, so tomorrow’s drive will be zoooooooooooom.

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One Response to Zombies Ate My Brains

  1. Anne says:

    It was so great seeing you and Jim at McGurk’s yesterday. Sorry the Harp’s got to you. Good crowd. Good conversation. Wonderful family gathering. Have a safe trip back. And a Happy New Year’s to both of you.

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