Steve Martin Time

Steve Martin is on a book tour for his new novel. The inevitable question: “How do you find the time!?” — to be an actor, producer, essay writer, art collector, novelist, banjo player, etc. “Well, I don’t have a job,” he quips but then goes on to say that time is not a problem for him. On a movie set, for example, he writes a novel during the down-time. Apparently the guy loves to work.

I like stories about famous, successful people who turn out to be, not just another lucky celebutard, but a persistent, studious nerd. Yeah, behind the bright lights and glittery glitz, I love finding someone who sweats the details and never stops learning.

These thoughts led me to look up these half-remembered quotes:

Luck is the residue of design. [Branch Rickey, baseball innovator]

Chance favors the prepared mind. [Louis Pasteur, scientist]

Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. [Thomas Edison, inventor]

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