sitting in the dentist’s office

There is much to enjoy about our new togetherness while Jim is awaiting the all-clear to go back driving. We tool around town on errands and put a little more thought into planning our days.

This morning I’m sitting in the dentist waiting room while he gets his teeth cleaned. I have my iPad so I can sit here and get some work done *except that* they are blasting the morning zoo radio station at me — not only hyper-friendly chatter but also all Christmas music. I cannot write a sentence while being verbally and mentally assaulted. So I have my iPhone Pandora app roaring “ambient” melodies into my headset. It *barely* drowns out the friendly cheer. I’m getting a headache. Doesn’t help that it is one of those dark pouring-down-rain early winter mornings.

Meanwhile, back at home I’m trying to get back into selling mode for a last chance at some Ebay profit before our visit to St. Louis. Made the mistake of trying to reorganize my “To Be Sold” shelves this morning. Put me in a “just shoot me” kind of mood. Who needs a deck of 1940’s MGM playing cards? But this is how it always starts: I curse my fate — then something grabs my attention, intrigues me… then, before I know it, I’m in full collector-seller mode.

I sound whiney, don’t I?

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2 Responses to sitting in the dentist’s office

  1. Joyce Space says:

    When music is blasting we ask people to turn it down or off. Usually they will with no problem.

  2. Joyce, you have the right approach. I need to teach myself to do that (for the good of earsore humanity everywhere) 😀

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