travelin’ tampa

It has been brought to my attention that we could have taken a direct
flight from Rochester to Tampa. So color me stupid. I was fixated on
Orlando and dreamed up this great planes, trains and taxis
mini-adventure. So now it’s adventure for adventure’s sake… So what
else is new with price.zimmer? Better the chosen adventure than one
that is thrust upon you.

Taking the train between Orlando and Tampa has meant vintage railroad
stations, a route through the scrubby back yards of old Florida, and
rubbing elbows with jes’ folk — the moms dragging babes, the anxious
aged, the unrepentant smokers, and the impoverished guitarists making
their lonely way to the next gig.

In the polished glass and chrome airports, every inch of you is
scrutinized — driver’s license, toothpaste, what you might be hiding
in those baggy pants. You with the Prada bag are assumed to be a
suspect in the airport. I’ve already printed out my machine-readable
boarding pass for tomorow’s flight to Rochester. But on the train,
they sort of keep track of the empty seats with jotted notes on a
diagram of a train car… And everybody just moseys along…
Anonymous… Helping one another with luggage… All kind of
America-like and humble.

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