Revision By Walking Around

I have the last third of my writing project pulled apart, with pieces lying around looking like an auto repair shop. I’m not exactly rebuilding the engine, just upgrading the… oh, nevermind, I’m no good with mechanical metaphors.

But I am jotting notes, storyboarding, clacking away at the keyboard, rearranging Post-Its — sustaining it all by getting up-down-up-down, walking away, coming back, walking away, coming back. Maybe trying to get distraction to work for me rather than against me.

I’ve read that very tight focus might get the work done faster but overall decreases creativity because it eliminates the funny chance connections when your attention wanders. No, really…

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4 Responses to Revision By Walking Around

  1. I’m available — though now I’ve committed my late Sunday morns to workouts with my hubby.

  2. David Tilley says:

    hmmmm, workouts….

  3. Whatever you’re thinking is way more glamorous than the pitiful truth. :/

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