The Auntie Song

My nieces and nephews would probably prefer automobiles and tuition payments from me, but don’t you think a song is really so much better? Here is the world premiere of The Auntie Song (version 1.0).


(I’m still testing the Play function, so if you can’t get this, try it at the blog site. It plays on my iPhone… lucky you.)

Our Nova Scotia trip reminded me that folk songs belong the the folk and that rapsters don’t have a corner on rhymes.


Sing, little darling, raise your voice.
Life is gonna give you a great big choice.

And if that choice turns your mood black,
Auntie’s gonna tell you “Don’t look back.”

But if it’s hard to break away,
Auntie’s gonna make you face the day.

But if that day makes you feel like a jerk,
Auntie’s gonna tell you to get to work.

And if that work don’t make you smile,
Auntie’s gonna tell you to “get some style.”

And if that style makes you feel like a nut,
Auntie’s gonna have to kick your butt.

And if that kick don’t make you smart,
She’s gonna make you sing with all your heart.

Cuz even if your song goes flat,
Auntie’s gonna love you despite all that.

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3 Responses to The Auntie Song

  1. Thanks @Anne — my nieces and nephews have been strangely silent. 😉

  2. maybe they are at a lose for words.

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