Taking A Creative Breath

A pause in my creative frenzy. Saturday: a day-long workshop “Writing Through The Divine,” where we considered the sources of our creativity. Some theories are more psychological — we are mining our unconscious and the collective unconscious of our human tribe. Another perspective pushes us toward the mystical — we are guided by Spirit — whoever spirit is being informed by our culture and religious practices.

I visualize my ideas and inspirations being dredged up from somewhere below my solar plexus. It doesn’t matter how they got there as long as they keep on coming. I like playing with the idea that there is a muse involved. I like the idea of channeling a Spirit river of inspiration. It doesn’t seem to have much to do with whether I “believe” or not. Either I’m accessing a Higher Power and its divine energies or I’m having great good fun with metaphors. Either is okay with me. Like I said, as long as the ideas keep coming…

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3 Responses to Taking A Creative Breath

  1. David Tilley says:

    Yeah, the next workshop is “Journey To The Muse.” coming soon to a carriage house near you.

  2. Dave, I’ll look forward to it. If you have flexibility about the date, I’m away Jan 16-Feb 19.

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