Testing POSTEROUS for on-the-road blogging

I’m writing this in an email on my iPad, hoping that Posterous.com can
work its claimed magic and post it to my blog. If you’re reading this,
it worked.

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6 Responses to Testing POSTEROUS for on-the-road blogging

  1. I’m amazed this worked on the first try.

  2. You are really becoming technologically advanced!

  3. It’s a great diversion, though I usually wind up frustrated and making things way harder than they need to be. 😀

  4. Eric Zimmer says:

    At least they didn’t call it posterior.

  5. Dearest cousin, ‘Mad in Pursuit’ label paired with photo of a handsome fella coveting his lovely acquisition leaves me wondering if subliminal message is perceived here: you are ever so safely in the arms of the one who was indeed ‘Mad in Pursuit’ of you?

  6. @Michael, that lumbering hulk still makes me swoon! @Eric, LQTM

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