Morning Routine

I’m definitely a morning person, but not a cheerful songful one (like, say, my dad was) nor an energized exercising one. I’m a morning thinker. My brain works best before it’s bombarded with the day’s delightful distractions.

I used to get up and immediately write my blog — not a bad practice. But if I check email first, it’s like rolling the dice: my attention could be diverted in any of a dozen or so ways and the day becomes a crapshoot.

So here’s this nice routine I’ve been using since last spring. I grab my cup of coffee, say good morning to my darling (avoiding a glance over his shoulder at the news headlines), and head down to my ground-floor zendo, my realm of higher consciousness (whatever) for a half hour of quiet time.

Traveling with me is one of those dorky knitting caddies that contains my scribbling notebook, my iPad and a stock of Post-Its, glue, scissors, index cards, pens, etc. Snuggled on my little couch, I pull out my notebook and start writing whatever is on my mind — anxieties, dilemmas, dreams, aspirations, admonitions, affirmations. Color pens help. If my mind is blank, I’ll read or do a little research on something I don’t understand. If my mind is full of chattering monkeys, I’ll assume the lotus position and do 15-20 minutes of mindfulness meditation.

Lately, I’ve been pulling three cards from my Energy Deck and jotting a few notes about what they suggest.

The idea is to feel centered and like I have a grip on the day ahead. It works…

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3 Responses to Morning Routine

  1. Molly Price says:

    Ah grandpa and his morning songs <3

  2. Yeah <3 — I wonder if actually forcing oneself to SING in the MORNING would, like, turn us into him (not that we aren't him already).

  3. Molly Price says:

    Hey! its worth a try but you might drive Jim batty..Lol I’m cracking up because i can totally hear him singing and driving me nuts…But what i wouldn’t give to hear it again.

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