Restless: Who Am I Looking For?

Flapping around today, swearing to “get organized” — which means getting a grip on my happy distractions. I have creative projects to finish, ebay items to post, a big trip to plan.

I’m distracted by all the social networking sites I’ve set up — little “madinpursuits” all over the place. I discovered 19 “followers” over at Friendfeed, which picks up all my tweets, Delicious bookmarks, and blog entries. Who are they and who are they looking for?

I went to zazzle and set up a store, thinking someone else might be interested in the poster I sent to my sis (even though I haven’t laid eyes on the final product). The notion just struck me as full of potential.

Stopped by Smashwords to fill in some information they needed and discovered that their ebook version of “Passion and Peril on the Silk Road” had actually accumulated about $10 in royalties. Buzz. [Smashwords distributes ebooks to Barnes & Noble (for Vook), to Sony (for their ereader), to Apple (for iBooks) and to other ebook-sellers.]

Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous, Buzz, Flickr, SheWrites… why? Facebook is really the only site where I regularly find real people, who actually interact. (The other day I went through and Unfriended a bunch of people met through writing sites, who crowd the newsfeed with their latest projects and crap but who never interact. Now more room for the real folks.)

I spent a lot of time this week thinking about Muses, those divine sources of inspiration from Classic mythology. Maybe with all my internet restlessness, I’m looking for the “magic friend,” that will keep me sparked. But real friends are undoubtedly better.

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2 Responses to Restless: Who Am I Looking For?

  1. Samantha Groark says:

    I abandoned my myspace and refuse to use my twitter. Facebook is the only website I enjoy, although I enjoy it far too much. I am sometimes tempted to delete it in order to live more fully in the so-called true reality, but unfortunately that would inhibit my ability to communicate with certain individuals, including yourself. So, Facebook stays! 🙂

    • madinpursuit says:

      I want to believe in the serendipity/synchronicity of chance encounters, but you have to wade through the 99% crap. Facebook does enhance my life.

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