About Your Muse

I’m going a little nutty, I think, with this Tarot-style deck of cards that I’m developing, currently called the Artist Adventure Kit. My brother Tom was intrigued — wanted to see a set of Instructions. Then later he said that the deck should be more than an inspirational “tool” but should really set up a communication link between yourself and…?

Well, who else but your “Muse” — who could be your ancient daemon or genius or your animal totem or Jesus… or whoever opens your mind to the universe.

So I put together my Instructions (click on graphic below to see full-size pdf):

And now I’m working on the possible relationships with one’s Muse (click on graphic below to see full-size pdf):

This will not have much of any meaning to you unless you’ve been following along and kind of enjoy these schemes.

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5 Responses to About Your Muse

  1. I could be at risk of becoming one of those strange Outsider artists who create bizarre systems that seem perfectly sensible to them. Vivian Girls, beam me up.

  2. David Tilley says:

    Could be at risk? Could be? Welcome to bizzaro-world. But I like it.

  3. Thanks @Dave, I was hoping someone would PROTEST.

  4. David Tilley says:

    I did! I protested the lack of confidence about your wacko-hood. Like I said, I love it.

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