Of Bedbugs and Bald Eagles

Rattled by the news that Dayton is the bedbug capital of North America, I researched the dumpy Holiday Inn we always stay at on I-70 in transit to St Louis. Three online databases plus TripAdvisory.com. They came up with “no reports” but I’m still a little itchy. I’d take a sleeping pill to blank out the anxiety, BUT if creatures are actually sucking your blood shouldn’t you be conscious enough to run screaming from the room?
DDT was the chemical that once kept bedbugs in check and made them just a creepy memory. But it also nearly extinguished the North American population of bald eagles by making their eggshells too soft to survive. Makes you think. I was utterly thrilled to see the resurgence of bald eagles in Nova Scotia last month. I’m not willing to sacrifice that. But damn, bedbugs? In Dayton-fucking-Ohio? At the Holiday Inn? Don’t rock my world.
(if I actually do experience bedbugs you will see the little suckers plastered ALL OVER the internet.)

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