Travel Plans — GO!

I know that we just got home from our international adventure in Nova Scotia — photos still waiting to be culled into a slide show — and that we are off to St. Louis for the famous Price family reunion on 9/11 BUT… I’m still envious of my several friends just home from or planning exotic vacations.

I love our roadtrips, but we need something a little more to get our adrenalin flowing and to feel like we’ve been on a true adventure (without seriously risking life & limb). Travelers cannot live by Best Western alone.

Did you know you can get an around-the-world air ticket for less than $2500??? The thought crossed our minds…

On the other hand, we’ve accumulated a lot of frequent flyer miles on Jim’s Mastercard… and I’ve always nurtured this dream about rail travel in Europe. So I booked flights today to Madrid — a full month — Jan 16 – Feb 19. Yikes. Now we have to figure the rest out.


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4 Responses to Travel Plans — GO!

  1. Carol Gray says:

    I’m inspired too…time for a trip to Vegas!

  2. deb says:

    OMG! Very jealous. You go girl! Please take me with you?!

  3. Will u be needing me to send any “end of roll foldups”????

    My recent Rochester trip consisted of……”hello”, rehearsal dinner, wedding, “goodbye”…… 2 1/2 more mods b4 I graduate….I’d better plan myself a great graduation trip !!!!!! Yes, I am now inspired too !!!

  4. @carol, I think Cher is in Vegas this fall. And @gail, thanks for the offer but I think I have time to roll my own 😉

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