Chakra Tarot Card Progress

Cursing because I can’t draw better, I’m still determined to figure out the chakra-based “tarot” cards I thought up during vacation. My “system” was already pretty well worked out (see this page), though I had to add another “suit” (ARTIST or CREATOR) to make it like a real card deck.

Posted here are the four suits of the “3” card, which refers to the chakra at your solar plexis. At this stage, oh traveler, you are well within your inner journey, facing the adventure ahead. Your question is: “Do I have the guts to do what needs to be done?”

If your chakra energy is balanced (VIRTUOSO), you are resolute. If it’s underpowered and weak (VICTIM), you are timid. If your energy center is overpowered and out of control (MONSTER), you are bullheaded. If you are a true ARTIST, seriously in touch with the divine/genius within you, then you are driven.

Well, I can’t go into all the rules of the game here, but if you shuffle the cards and lay them out in the various Tarot spreads, they can give you food for thought about your life’s adventure and how it may or may not be unfolding satisfactorily.

This is all I have done so far. But I guess I’m getting the idea of what I want: hand-drawn, expressive, and (eventually) intriguingly lovely to play with.

(I had to run out yesterday for inspiration, but I have all possible pens and paper in my possession already, so I had to buy a couple books. My other creative option is to rip up some old sheet music and other ebay non-sellers and collage something… but that might put my brain into total paralysis.)

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  1. Sharon Parker says:

    The cards seem to be shaping up well. Wanted to let you know I finished your book and liked it very much! I read a lot of mysteries and suspense…yours is very good! Looking forward to your next book! Love and hugs from your cousin, Sharon

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