Nova Scotia Recap

Love being home after a roadtrip just shy of 3000 miles. I loved Nova Scotia — not only the whale watches and birding tours, not only the scrumptious seafood enjoyed outdoors in beautiful weather, but also the history of the French and the Scots settlers — and the fact that those cultures are being reinvigorated by new generations.

It is not a cheap place to visit. Food and lodging are expensive, since tourism dollars need to replace lost income from vanished mining and unpredictable fishing. If we go again, I’ll know to make some better choices about hotels. Easy access to coffee along with microwave/refrig in our room is more compatible with our “motel camping” style. In Baddeck, we paid a premium for a fireplace (envisioning cold north Atlantic squalls), but we had a heat wave instead. Guess I can’t complain.

I like it when a roadtrip ignites my imagination and this one did… not sure why. The traditional culture, including the singing and fiddling, was a part of it. And our slow pace. The first couple days were full of fog, just like my mind felt — kind of woolly and disorganized. I brought a book with me — Vernacular Visionaries: International Outsider Art — which got me thinking about the structures that inspire creativity. I’m arriving home now with lots of ideas scribbled in my notebook — hoping I can develop some before they vanish into the workaday routines.

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