from Baddeck, Cape Breton NS

near Margharee Harbour, Nova Scotia

Everyone is supposed to travel the long Cabot Trail at the northwest tip of Nova Scotia for its fabulous coastal scenery. But the drive would have taken 6-8 hours and I dreaded a hurry-up and getcher-photos-snapped kind of day. Besides, the overcast sky was making everything a little gray.

So we took a more leisurely drive west over to the “Ceilidh [say KAY-lee] Trail” and to the Celtic Music Centre at Judique. We ran into Mike Hall, the fiddler we listened to at last night’s ceilidh. He helped us pick out some music for our drive (including his own CD).

So we tunefully ambled along, got some lunch and stopped at the salmon fishing museum along the Margaree River. Easygoing.

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  1. Pat Drum says:

    What a time you are having!! Puffins!! Joe and I have never seen Puffins in the wild (envy). And it was Joe that saw the whale’s tail….I missed it; but you saw lots and not just the tail (great pic the other day). I am at Mayo clinic right now; getting my carpal tunnel in my rt wrist looked at. It’s been so so for a long time; under control. But when we went on a 17 mile bike ride with Lesley, I must have aggravated something. (like my hand is asleep a lot of the time) Other news: I looked at a 27 ” imac yesterday; also the ipad and phones……oh the temptation was almost more than I can bear. I will be checking my budget over the next few wks… to pay for the new A/C at the rental $3100. Reality stricks……now wishing I was off on another trip too (not really…..actually sooo happy to be home) When do you think you’ll be home? Gotta run!! They called my name!

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