from Baddeck NS: of Puffins & Gaelic

What a day. We had one plan in mind but stopped at the Mountain Vista Bird Islands Boat Tour place for info and found out that the puffins were nearly gone for the season except for a few stragglers… if we waited till Wed, it might be too late to see them. So we hopped on their boat.

The next three hours were spent gazing at puffins, pointing out bald eagles, and gawking at gray seals while our boatmaster taught us about the web of life out here. Lobster fishing… discarding herring bait… attracting seagulls… season ending… no more bait… seagull havng to hunt for food and ignorng chicks… bald eagles movng in to eat chicks… puffins getting nervous about the eagles and moving out to sea. Also, global warming… earlier springs… faster lobster catches… the whole cycle gets ahead of schedule by weeks… Anyway, it was a thrill for us to see both puffins and eagles!

The afternoon was spent learning about the Scots/Gaelic heritage of Cape Breton in the village of Iona, and we topped off the experience this evening by attending a “ceilidh” — a gathering with musicians playing fiddle and piano.

Many photos of the day.

Church in Iona, Cape Breton

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