From St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Nine hours of road time got us here, which is halfway to where we need to be tomorrow, which is Saint Johns, New Brunswick. FAST on the NY Thruway to Amsterdam, then picked our way through the watery greenery around and about Glens Falls NY (where Jim’s mother grew up). Luncheon on packed sandwiches, grapes and cookies in a gasoline station parking lot in Whitehall NY (ah, roadtrips!). Then into Vermont.

I’ve only ever been in Vermont in the winter, for skiing, so passing by Killington brought back many memories of frustration and triumph; fog, sunshine, rain, and snow on the slopes. I forgot the mountains were so impressive — and now they are gre-e-e-e-n.

Kicking back now with a glass of Black Box Chardonnay (Monterey California 2009), the traveler’s friend.

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