Secondary Workspace Away From Distractamondo

I’ve optimized my second-floor studio to perfection: woodsy view, Aeron chair, double-wide computer screens, worktable at my left elbow, all wonderful tools within arm’s reach… But having the world at your fingertips means that the world also leaches up your fingertips and floods your brain with oh so many wonderful distractions.

So this week I’ve retreated to the ground floor, a tiny windowless cubby hole, where a laptop and a wicker hassock are giving me the focus I need to work on my manuscript and to think great thoughts, with the help of minimalist music on Pandora and just a whiff of sandalwood incense. I can move to the mini-couch if I have to prime the pump with long-hand notes or inspirational reading (which is now about Gertrude “rose is a rose is a rose” Stein). Rule: no checking email.

Of course I can only take it for a couple hours before I race upstairs to Distractamondo.

Tech note: I’m using Dropbox to keep my files synced, even though my home network is theoretically all hooked up.

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  1. Distractamondo! hee hee

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