My Husband In the 18th Century

Henry Constantine Jennings. English antiquarian, collector and gambler (1731-1819). Engraving by R. Cooper. Handwritten note from 19th c. is pasted on. Text:
A Gentleman of Family & large fortune. In England & on the Continent, he associated with Princes & Nobles & became a noted Dillitanti — unfortunately for him ‘some Demon whisper’d — errings have a tastes [sic].’ He became the Duke of Connoissures [sic] & Picture Brokers. He threw away vast sums in outbidding — for Pictures, Statues & Scarce Books & at length he was ruined — thrown into Prison & all his acquisitions came to the Hammer. However he succeeded again to a good fortune & once more threw it away in pursuit of his favorite Hobbyhorse. Ultimately — after three years confinement in the Kings Bench — he died in 1818. The Road to Ruin by Gambling is of frequent occurrence but that by the Fine Arts is very rare indeed.

Another closet find. Jim used to have this hanging up outside his study door and it fit his 1980’s self perfectly. Luckily, he must have gathered some good karma along the way and detoured off the Road to Ruin.

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2 Responses to My Husband In the 18th Century

  1. Eric Zimmer says:

    Tell him he’s looking good for 279 years old.

  2. Heh-heh. But of course I meant to say HCJ had been reincarnated as JGZ, probably with someone who saved all his money and left it to charity in between (the good karma guy). (Oh, I’ve been spending way too much time with the ancient artifacts!)

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