Words, Birds, Nerds, Turds

Never had much feel for poetry, but DT inspired me to take a look at some playful methods for teasing out a bit more light from the darkness. One way to do this is by setting up a mechanical process for generating words or phrases, then riffing off those. Like using stock market quotes to choose verses from the Bible, then reflecting on the meaning of those verses. Some creatives set up wildly restrictive constraints (e.g., write a novel without using the letter “e”). I guess the idea is that artificial mental roadblocks force the brain to explore new pathways.

DT pointed me to this article about John Cage’s inventive mesostics (a variation of acrostic). I needed to stop studying and do something so I tried one out (following some but not all of his rules). I used the title of my work-in-progress GRAND EXITS as my “spine.” Then I filled in the “ribs” with words from an elaborate but ruined mindmap that keeps crossing my path. The result (+color):

I don’t sense any Pulitzer Prizes heading my way, but this was a fun way to get the juices flowing.

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