Dreaming of Faraway Places

This is one of my favorite pictures of Jim. 1990. Thailand. On our own in Lopburi, north of Bangkok. It was hot. We stopped at a streetside restaurant, where we dared to buy only the bottled water. I thought Jim looked like someone out of a Joseph Conrad novel. Or out of Hemingway. My sweaty hero.

On this Thai-hot day in Rochester, 20 years later, we’re still dreaming of adventure. Nailing down plans for an August roadtrip to the cool northeast edge of the continent: Nova Scotia. We thought of going farther — to Newfoundland and maybe up into Labrador — but holy cow those places are far away. Nova Scotia is well over 800 miles from here — a little longer than our well-beaten path to St. Louis. But the old northeastern seaports sound very inviting today.

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