Rescuing Old Photos: Islamic China

From ChinaBest_TIF

At age 43 I took the trip that changed everything. Five weeks on the Karakoram Highway in Central Asia (with Jim at age 60) resulted in (1) marriage, (2) a novel written, and (3) an enduring perspective on the kindness of strangers.

We took about 800 photos… on good old Seattle Filmworks Film, which yielded both prints and slides. But then we got a very avantgarde Kodak PhotoCD player from Anny and Terry and transfered the best shots to this new digital technology. Unfortunately, this gorgeous system went the way of the Sony Beta Max.

Long story short, I finally figured out how to transfer the obsolete files into Photoshop. YAY. I uploaded a batch to Picasa today — the 60+ from Xinjiang Province in the far, far west of China. The population in the city of Kashgar was mostly Uighurs — handsome, robust people who practice Islam. The territory was being quickly settled by Han Chinese from the east and I hear that much of what we saw may have been replaced by “modern” developments. It was probably the very farthest place I will ever visit.

If you’re interested, you can look at the photos here below or go big screen at the Picasa site.

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