100 miles of cataloging

Every time I delve into our photographica collection, I wind up sorting through the hundreds of slips of paper where Jim recorded his purchases from about 1979 through 2000. The box of slips isn’t disorganized. It’s all very neatly in chronological order.

But, with a variety of different items on each slip of paper, they are impossible to sort any other way. And a lot of the items have already been traded or sold.

I have no desire to be an obsessive catalog-master. But we do need to know what we paid for things as we sell them off.

So today, in deference to the bottomless nature of the stuff and my yearning for efficiency, I’m sitting here plugging any item I know we still have (and worth more than $10 or $20) into an Excel spreadsheet. It is definitely an M&M type of project. And wine, lots of wine.

Maybe I can do just a few at a time…

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