Self Portrait

The newspaper is calling for self-portraits as part of the local Neighborhood of the Arts project. I couldn’t resist. Something about me.

I tarted up my old chestnut, with the shoulder brats (?) angels (?) pundits (ok), added some background complexity (so me), and the brain doodles (can you believe people have accused me of thinking too much?). Of course painting over a photograph means that it’s pretty literal as art goes, but (unfortunately) being too literal is the curse I inherited from my ancestors who were craftspeople rather than poets.

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8 Responses to Self Portrait

  1. deb says:

    This portrait is awesome!

  2. That’s so great !!!!!

  3. Wonderful self-portrait! I especially like the shoulder brat angels!

  4. Thanks all for the thumbs-up.

  5. very cool on so many levels, too complex for me…need to don the nurse costume now, definitely not in thinking mode…great colors too, for a simple observation from a very non-poet friend

  6. How are you so cool?

  7. LOL @Sam, it’s all in the family! 😀

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