Detoxing and recalibrating

My social week of snacking and beer-drinking exacted its toll (on top of a few tolls that had already accumulated). So, this week: no alcohol. Water with a slice of lemon (refreshing, refreshing, keep repeating…).

I’ve gotten into a bad habit of tarting up my healthy afternoon popcorn with melted margarine. So, back to scorching it in the microwave for a little for flavor. And that yummy bowl of chocolate-chip cookie-dough frozen yogurt I’ve grown to savor in the evening? It’s berry season in Rochester — so I’m lovin’ the berries.

Although I do think black coffee is the perfect food, I blended this week’s pound of Eight O’Clock with the pound of decaf Dunkin Donuts I had in the freezer. Since I’m also giving myself a holiday from Ambien, I figure the less caffeine residue at bedtime, the better I might release myself sleep.

This is all the virtue I can tolerate.

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