Back To Ebay

Nothing like that cha-ching sound to get me motivated. I’ve been lollygagging on getting new auctions going, but last weekend’s auctions (ending this weekend) yielded $130+ on a little tintype album, $230+ on a little Amsterdam (Netherlands) album, and $300+ on another little tintype/carte-de-visite album (with 3 Civil War soldiers — always desirable).

I’ve been doing little videos on these “three-dimensional” collectibles — that helps (even though the fun — for me — has worn off). Above is the accordion-fold Amsterdam album, no doubt collected by a tourist in the late 19th century, now going back home to a collector in today’s Amsterdam (I love that).

Anyway, today I glued my butt to the chair till I got five more auctions going — the last of my little family photo albums… oh, till the next ones fall out of one of the closet.

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  1. when did you get mom’s thumbs

  2. LOL never noticed that

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