Do you Bing, Buzz, Twitter?

Do you waste as much time as I do worrying about wasting time? Or, like me, to you embrace wasting time by calling it “networking” or “infrastructure building” or “exploration”? Nevermind.

Does anyone use Buzz? If you live in gmail like I do, it’s that colorful icon just under the Inbox. It’s linked to your Google Profile (got one of those? highly recommended if you don’t have your own blog/webpage & desire a public portal where people can find you. Mine.) and aggregates all your Twitter tweets, Flickr/Picassa photos, blog entries, and shit you “share” from your Google Reader (other people’s blogs, newspapers, etc.)* It has status posting capacity, so could potentially rival Facebook, although the information flow from the people you follow could be a firehose instead of an entertaining trickle. I follow a very few people (of the very few who use it) — pretty much just my tech gurus: Leo Laporte, Paul Jacobson, Robert Scoble, Gina Trapani and sites like TechCrunch… who are also trying to figure it out.

I do use Twitter on and off, but mostly as a resource (breaking news, wisdom of Roger Ebert, Jeff Jarvis, Susan Orlean, tech stuff) and to give a shout-out about products or resources I love or hate. Not much good for a sense of community, except for the occasional touching of antennas with someone I think is cool.

I never use Bing.

*Reeder is my current favorite newreader for iPhone/iPod. It allows you to click on a Share button (to post in Bing or elsewhere), an email button, twitter, etc.

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