“Organization” as Procrastination

Here I am again. “Organizing.” Staring at a box of 19th-century stuff. The “stuff” is staring back — waiting to be listed on ebay and sent to the inventory-waiting-for-a-home shelves downstairs. They are really all ready to go — photos and videos uploaded — but I’m not quite ready for that all-out focus it takes to write selling descriptions and connect all the dots between description… posting… spreadsheet… yadda-yadda.

One way of getting things done is to focus strictly on the task in front of you. But sometimes I have to motivate myself by seeing ALL the tasks in front of me. EVERY collection that needs cataloging, photographing, video-ing, selling. (I dreamed about transcribing Civil War letters last night.) If I succeed in overwhelming myself, the subsequent panic leads to zooooooom — get the current task the hell done.

So I’ve spent the morning researching a way to move all my Getting Things Done index cards to a computer-based/online system. Nozbe won. It seems to have all the elements I need for a personal project manager and it has an accompanying iPhone app (so I can access it from anywhere).

I’m going to try to integrate it with Evernote — one of those “idea-catching” apps (voice, text, snapshots) that I downloaded ages ago but never really used. This presumes I have ideas to catch.

Okay, now I’m going for a walk.

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