Beating Bullets Into Wine Corks

or… something like that. Anyway, today’s news from the crypt is that we finally sold our collection of Civil-War-era cartidges. Yay! I pocketed the cash and made a dash to the wine store.

A couple drove from Ohio to see the relics. We negotiated a price. They paid cash on the barrelhead. Then Jim and I gazed on as they took the more delicate packets of paper-wrapped man-killers into plastic coin tubes and padded them with cotton.

I labored hard on this sale, taking dynamite photographs (see right) and doing the research for a mini-catalog. I read somewhere that it was women’s work in the Civil War to wrap bullets with black powder and whatever — the men were needed at the battlefront. Cozy thought, isn’t it? But I guess it’s the same as women working in defense plants during WWII.

They bothered me somehow, more than the finely tooled antique firearms themselves. Rare and historic for sure, but still full of nastiness. I will drink a toast this afternoon to their departure.

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