My New Morning Routine

For months I’ve been jumping out of bed and checking my email first thing. Could there be something special there? An ebay sale? And sometimes it just sets me down a path that distracts me all morning and I never get anything creative done. Morning is my most productive time.

Last week I felt like one of those mayflies that just perch on top of the water, held there by surface tension. What happens to them? A fish bobs up and eats them. My goal is to go deep, where the big fish are. Swim with them, not be swallowed by them.

I like the idea of Zen medication in the morning — emptying the mind to experience the world without my know-it-all perspective. But I’ve had trouble getting into it lately. (It might be better to empty the brain at night but, oh! that’s another whole topic.)

So last Saturday I decided on this: grab a cup of coffee and go to the ground floor study with my notebook and reading material. Start scribbling away like mad in my notebook (a la Morning Pages… dreams, worries, crazy ideas, hang-ups, affirmations, whatever). When I run out of steam, I turn to my stimulating text, read, and jot down what that inspires. Boy, that makes me feel great. What is it about pen to paper that is so therapeutic???

I can’t quite say that this has exponentially boosted my creativity quotient for the day, but it has certainly has given me the odd breakthroughand made me feel like I’m in the deep waters instead of floating, vulnerable, on the surface.

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One Response to My New Morning Routine

  1. Pat says:

    I feel best when I discipline my first a.m. steps too: coffee, sit ups, push-ups, a 3 mile beach walk w/audio book, a prayer or two, a shower, and lastly…plucking the hairs from my chin and putting on my face. Altho no reading, writing or meditating, the result is the same…..that.. “whatever-it-is”… self-satisfaction; or “I’m ok”! Wish I wouldn’t mess around with such a sure-fire formula….but I do. Almost any excuse will do. Oh well.

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