Tar Pit Formerly Known As The Gulf Of Mexico

Will the oil just keep bubbling up like a deep sea Kilauea? Like a severed femoral artery on an inaccessible battlefield? As ecosystems die off and hurricanes make it rain tar in Chicago, will we finally have our monument to greed, corruption and bloated Americanism? Its motto could be my favorite “No one could have predicted…” perhaps shortened to “Who knew…?” Or better, “What, me worry?”

I would love to do some wild-eyed finger-pointing, but “the fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars but in ourselves,” to quote Bill Shakespeare… where the “stars” are our politicians and our multi-national corporate leaders. Or to quote Pogo: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Us. Yeah. We want cheap fuel and stock market dividends. we don’t want a lot of commie regulation. And we love our comic book, Hollywood faith that everything will turn out ok — the good guys (us) always win. And seriously, aren’t you waiting for the Tommy Lee Jones character to rush in with the idea so crazy it just might work?

But seriously, folks, now I want to hear that every supercomputer in the world is cranking out simulations of the solutions. I want to hear that every math-whiz who decided to design video games is now shifting to real-world engineering. I want to hear that government regulation is not a big joke — either regulate or don’t regulate but don’t give us a fixed game.

I really don’t want to visit the Apocalypse National Park, “the American Pompei. Watch the video at our visitor’s center before you take the self-guided tour through the Black Bayou to the Black Key.”

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